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Sat Jan 16

10:30- 1

Teacher: Janet G

Puffy Crystal Heart

This delightful heart, made in any size

depending on the crystals chosen, makes a gorgeous


Level: Intermediate; should be familiar with Right Angle Weave

Sat Mar 29

1 - 3:30

Teacher:  Janet

Viking Knitting




Learn the basices of this striking wire knitting and how to use it to make stunning bracelets and necklaces.

Level:  Beginner+; basic knowledge of wirework required

Tue Mar 25

1 - 3:30

Teacher:  Janet

Waved Stone



Elegant waves of wire sweeping around a stone for a striking one-of-a-kind pendant.  Basice wirework knowledge is a must and experience with a simple wrapped stone would help. 

Level:  Intermediate - basic knowledge of wirework required



Tue Nov 18

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Mala Bead & Pearl

Whether you are wanting to make your own Mala or string a special set of pearls, knotting is a fundamental of both.  Learn how in this fun and easy class.

Level:  Beginner

Tue Nov 4

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Elegant Wrapped

Here's a lovely way to wrap a stone to make a beautiful focal pendant.  Learn to twist and shape wire to create a unique pendant.

Level: Intermediate; must have wire work experience

Tue Oct 28

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Kumihimo Sampler


Two-for-one!  Learn the basics of Kumihimo - a Japanese technique for making braided cord.  Then go to the next level with beads for a lovely beaded kumihimo bracelet or sampler.  A kit with spools and disc will be available for purchase (or you can bring your own).

NOTE:  please bring a sandwich bag with a few marbles or about 20 pennies - you'll find out why in class!

Level: Beginner

Tue Mar 31

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Crochet & Crystals

Even if you don't already know how to crochet, this bracelet will prove easy to make and delightful to wear.

Level:  Beginner

Tue Mar 10

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Love Knot Bracelet

A beautiful way to hone your wirework skills.  Learn to wrap and shape wire and make this gorgeous bracelet.

Level:  Intermediate; must have wirework experience

Sat Nov 14

1 - 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Hearts & Bicones

A beautiful focal piece with Swarovski sparkle!

Level: Beginner+; must be very comfortable basic bead weaving.

Sat Oct 3

1- 3:30

Teacher: Janet

Janet's Wrap


Learn how to wrap those lovely

cabochons and flat stones to make

Level: Intermediate; must have beginner wirework skills.

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