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Lampworking has its roots in a very ancient glasswork technique which originally used the flame of an oil lamp, hence the word ‘lamp’. Today, we use gas fueled torches to melt clear and coloured glass rods. In that molten state, the glass is formed into beads of all colours, shapes and sizes by using hand movements and shaping tools.
While this art form began in ancient Syria, it became widely practiced in Murano, Italy in the 14th century. In the mid 19th century lampwork techniques were used in France to create paperweights, a popular art form that is still collected today.
At BEAD-dazzled, in our Beginner lampworking class you’ll learn how to make basic beads, pull stringer and decorate with dots, stringer and frit. Your beads will be kiln annealed, ready for you to take home the next day. You’ll also learn about torch & studio safety.
We have all the supplies you need for lampworking including glass rods from Murano, Italy. For people who have taken our beginner lampworking, we offer torch time in our studios.

Please check back to find out when Lampworking classes resume.

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